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*Gluten free treats are made in a kitchen using wheat products.  There is a possibility of cross contamination.


*Baked goods may contain wheat, dairy, tree nuts or eggs.

Kahlua Cake

This cake combines two flavors everyone is sure to love. Chocolate cake infused with Kahlua and topped with a mocha glaze.


7-Up Cake

This tasty lemon/lime cake made with 7-up is moist and colorful. Topped with a lemon/lime glaze and zest, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Apple Cider Donut Cake

This tender, moist cake has a perfect apple and spice flavor. Topped with a cinnamon and sugar glaze. Yum!



Chewy, gooey, chocolate goodness with or without walnuts.

$22 per dozen--$23 with nuts


Classic chocolate or vanilla cake with chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting. Made in any combination to please them all.

$25 per dozen

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