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Sometime the classics are the best. All my cookies are made with real butter. These large cookies are made with a 1/3 cup scoop and baked to that perfect tender stage.

*Minimum purchase of a dozen on all cookie orders

*Gluten free treats are made in a kitchen using wheat products.  There is a possibility of cross contamination.


*Baked goods may contain wheat, dairy, tree nuts or eggs.

Repetes Various Cookies.jpg


This cookie is perfectly spiced and is chewy goodness.

$18 per dozen

Monster Cookies

The cookie that has it all. Packed with peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal and more. Not only is it colorful but an explosion of flavor.

$25 per dozen

Oatmeal Raisin

A classic that is soft and chewy. Homemade goodness your family will love.

$22 per dozen

Chocolate Chip

Everyone’s favorite homemade cookie. Tender and sweet. Enjoy plain or with pecans.

$22 per dozen--$23 per dozen with nuts

Peanut Butter

Full of yummy peanut butter flavor, these wonderfully tender cookies will melt in your mouth.

$22 per dozen

Double Chocolate

Perfect for the chocolate lover. Chocolate on chocolate, how can that be wrong.

$22 per dozen

Cookie Cups

Cookies shaped into cups to hold rich fudgy frosting. Chocolate chip, Double Chocolate, or Peanut Butter

$25 per dozen

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